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Steadicam Archer 2, Volt, Tilt Stage, Zalex Long Plate, Alexa Mini LF, Atlas Anamorphic, Beach filming, Steadicam Rig, Sam Bennett


  • Steadicam Archer 2

    • Integrated Volt stabilisation

    • Tilt adjustable top stage

  • G-50x Arm

  • Flowcine xSPINE Vest

  • LX Vest

  • Low mode monitor

  • V-Mount Battery Set

  • SOS (Steadi on Sticks) quick release plates

Arri Trinity 2, Alexa Mini LF, Steadicam, Sam Bennett, Offshoot Rentals
  • ARRI Trinity 2

    • Superpost

    • ​​Regular Post

  • Artemis Arm

  • Artemis Vest

  • RCP Controller

  • B-Mount Battery Set

  • ARRI Dovetail/SAM plates

  • Dedicated ARRI Camera Packages available

Van Ramp, Camera Van, Sam Bennett, Steadicam Operator, Fiat Scudo


  • Custom Stand with wheels

  • Camera Cart

  • Vehicle / Hard Mount

  • Teradek Bolt 500 TX + RX

  • Tilta Nucleus M

  • Wet Weather Gear and Wind Protection

  • Camera rigging and AKS

  • Brackets, Tools, Do-dads, Thingamajigs

  • Travel Ready Cases

  • 7ft Portable Ramp

  • 2016 Fiat Scudo Van (1.94m height)

Adicam, Camera Cart, Steadicam, location filming, Cam Stewart, 1st AC, Focus Puller, Steadicam Archer 2, Low Mode
Steadicam Archer 2 Sam Bennett
Steadicam Cart Adicam Sam Bennett
Steadicam G50x Arm Sam Bennett
Teradek Rental Melbourne Sam Bennett
Nucleus M Follow Focus Rental Melbourne
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